Wait… What Do You Mean The Minimum Wage Didn’t Go Up?

If you’re a business owner, you’ve most likely already heard the good news…

The minimum wage for exempt employees didn’t go up on December 1, 2016. Because on November 22, 2016, a federal judge granted an emergency preliminary injunction blocking the new Fair Labor Standards Act Overtime Final Rule.

So, what does this mean for business owners and employees?

Well, everything stays the same for the time being. You don’t have to worry about overtime wages or increasing salary for exempt employees making more than $23,660.

You do still have to pay overtime to non-exempt employees, under the current time-and-a-half rules.

Don’t get too excited though, The Dept. of Labor is weighing its legal options… So, you don’t have to make changes for now. But, there’s no real telling what will happen under the new Trump administration.  Pundits on both sides are saying the current injunction could or couldn’t change.

So what it really means is stay tuned.  The fight for the Overtime Rule has just begun. And something tells me this issue will circle for a while.

If I can answer any specific questions about exempt and non-exempt employees, the overtime rules, or if I can help you with your payroll, just reach out.

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