2017 Payroll Tax & Benefit Cheat Sheet

Your client wants to play 20 questions…


What’s the 2017 Social Security Wage Base Limit?


What’s the new 401k limit?


Did the mileage rate go up this year?


Oh, and what about the HSA and FSA limits?


And you think… “Doesn’t he know its tax season?!!”


Sure, you could try and memorize all the 2017 tax changes, but now you don’t have to.


Time is your most precious commodity this time of year… it’s the one thing you’re short on.


That’s why I created the 2017 Payroll, Tax and Benefit Cheat Sheet.


At a glance, you will find the updated payroll, benefit and retirement limits and quick links to IRS rules, tax calendars, state agencies and updated OSHA requirements.


Get you copy here.


If you have any questions about the payroll, tax and benefit limits for 2017… just reach out.  That’s what I do.


I started The Payroll Gal to help you and your clients make smart educated decisions on payroll, HR, and benefits and to always get the best deal.


I can be reached at www.thepayrollgal.com