Don’t Let Year End SMACK You in the Face…Get The Year End Master Checklist

It’s year-end, which means holiday parties, vacations and yes, managing W-2’s.


If you’re dreading the extra work, you are not alone.


Becoming an expert year-end planner just isn’t in the cards for everyone.


And let’s face it, one mistake could lead to costly reprinting of tax returns and W-2’s… or worse.


That’s why I created The Year End Master Checklist.  This useful tool will easily make you the master of year-end forms, documents, and deadlines.


This checklist is your first line of defense to save your sanity and a have crisis free year end.


The checklist covers:

  • Verifying Employee Data to ensure W-2 information is correct.
  • What special tax items need to be added before you start year end work.
  • A list of fringe benefits that need to be added to YTD compensation amounts.
  • Special Procedures for all those “irregular items”.
  • Year End Deadlines and forms to keep you from costly penalties.


This checklist is made to be shared…so download it and send it to your peers, they will thank you in January.


Of course, if I can answer any questions about the checklist or if you need honest, expert advice on payroll, HR, or benefits… without a sales pitch… just reach out.  That’s what I do.  I started The Payroll Gal to help you make smart educated decisions and to get the best deal with your payroll.


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The Year End Payroll Master Checklist