The Ultimate Guide to HR & Employee Compliance

I know… human resources is a taboo topic.  If you don’t talk about it, it won’t happen.


Problem is that kind of thinking will get you into hot water.


With over 1800 employment codes looming over you, just interviewing a candidate can cause trouble… say one thing wrong and you could find yourself in a lawsuit.

Keeping up with the employee compliance can be a full-time job.  Which means you either invest in a good HR person, outsource it or like most:  roll the dice…


Because your employees and your companies well being are important, I wrote The Ultimate Guide to HR & Employee Compliance.


The HR guide covers the Top 10 HR Mistakes owners face without keeping a watchful eye on compliance and suggestions on how to get compliant.


Highlights include:


  • What legal company document all employees should acknowledge.
  • Guidelines on how to handle problem employees.
  • How to save money by implementing this employee test.
  • How much turnover will really cost you.
  • When to let go of an employee.


I hope you enjoy the book and can use it as a helpful resource for your business.


Of course, if I can answer any questions about the guide or if you need honest, expert advice on payroll, HR, or benefits… without a sales pitch… just reach out.  That’s what I do.  I started The Payroll Gal to help you make smart educated decisions and to get the best solutions for your human resource needs.


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