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    I started the Payroll Gal because I knew there was a better way to help my clients. I have one simple mission, to take my insider know-how and use it to help you make smart educated choices for your company. Here's my story...

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The Payroll Gal Story

Hi, again!  Thanks for checking out my site.  And thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk to you about payroll, human resources and benefits.  As you’ve figured out by now, I’m Sonya Muenchen and I’m The Payroll Gal.  So, here’s my story…


I started my career in payroll sales at Paychex.  It was my first job out of school. I was 23 years old and ready to conquer the business world. I loved everything about being with the top brand in the industry.  I enjoyed the big company culture, working with CPAs and most of all helping my clients.


 I enjoyed it so much it really didn’t seem like work.  Selling payroll fueled my desire for accomplishment and I applied myself to learn the business.  I worked hard, won the President Club award and eventually became the top rep in the Atlanta market.




Career aspirations

I had a knack for selling.  And because I was good at it, I was fast tracked for management.  This earned me a promotion and a move to Orlando where I managed three offices in Central and Northern Florida.


Climbing the corporate ladder



This is also where I learned my first management lesson: Just because you’re good at selling doesn’t mean you’re a natural manager.  It seems this lesson came right away.


Through some trial and error I learned how to hire, train, and coach.  Over the next 3 years I built an amazing team.  I ended up being the #1 manager in the company.

I was very proud of what we accomplished.  I was asked to speak at the company’s annual awards ceremony in front of over 500 people.  I was thrilled to receive the honor, but absolutely terrified to stand on that podium.

 The Central Florida position eventually lead to a promotion and bigger role back in Atlanta.  I jumped at the chance. After settling back home and chasing down a few more career goals, my priorities started to change.


I loved being the power executive.  I had pretty much achieved what I set out to do. I had the perfect job, team, and managers.  I think I bled Paychex blue.  BUT… there were other things I wanted out of life.  Like 3 beautiful girls.



Even though I loved my work, life changed.

So, I took time off from work to raise a family.  I got new a title: “mom”.  It was magical.  I am gifted with the perfect family… 3 amazing daughters and a wonderful husband.  I applied myself to raising the girls with the same work ethic I put into building my business teams.  My husband jokingly refers to me as the Type-A soccer mom.

 I switched teams. I moved to the client side.


Once the girls were in school, I started working again. I was badly in need of some adult conversation during the day.


I joined the client side and managed the accounting, payroll and HR for a national distribution company.

It was here that I really started to understand the frustration a business owner goes through to set up payroll, HR and benefits.  There was a revolving door of vendors.  Multiple proposals.  All of them confusing.  And every rep assured me they had the best deal.  I knew better.


 One day my phone rang, it was my old VP.  He had started a new payroll company.  Would I be interested in joining?


We chatted, laughed, and talked about how we could get the old team back together.  And then we did.

 A fun re-boot.

I jumped back in.  It gave me the opportunity to reconnect with CPAs and clients I hadn’t seen in years.  And I fell in love with payroll all over again.  The re-boot had rekindled my competitive fire to help business owners in an area that I have deep expertise.

 I jumped back in. And fell in love with payroll all over again.



But the longer I worked, the more I realized that I was working with a broken model.  Carrying the company card, I was limited in what I could offer.


Sometimes my solution wasn’t the best solution. Sometimes my clients needed other services.  Very often they were confused and just needed guidance.

I decided to make a difference with The Payroll Gal.  I knew there was a better way to help my clients and so I started the company that needed to exist.

Businesses shouldn’t have to invite 10 companies out to pitch services.


They shouldn’t have to get a PhD in compliance and benefits in order to get the best deal for their employees.


There should be someone available to give them expert and unbiased advice on all the options.


I started the Payroll Gal because I wanted to offer a better… smarter… and more efficient alternative.

 A new mission. To cut through the confusion and one-sided offers.


 I’ve set up agreements with the best payroll, HR and benefits companies.


I talk candidly with you about all the services without the corporate pitch.


I use my experience to pick the best solutions based on your specific needs, budget, and risk tolerance.

Working with me takes the guesswork out of service levels, price negotiations, and compliance… and wondering if you got the best deal.


I love what I’m building.


And I love helping people… especially with payroll, HR and benefits.


If you feel my expertise can help you in any way, please reach out connect.

 I'll show you all the options. You choose the best one.

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