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    You want the best. The most affordable payroll service. Stress-free human resource services. And the option of a PEO. I offer multiple provider choices, unbiased honesty, and expert advice... Without having to talk to 10 reps.

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Payroll, HR, and benefits don’t have to be difficult. I’ve spent my career helping business owners find the right payroll service, manage employee paperwork and HR compliance, and get the most competitive benefits. I take the hassle out of comparing services and give you expert and unbiased advice.




Payroll should be easy and efficient. Maximize your time and take the guesswork out of service levels and pricing.

Human Resources

Human Resources

Employee compliance is critical. It doesn't have to be time-consuming and costly. Increase your coverage while reducing your liability and spend.



The shared-responsibility model of a PEO can deliver world class benefits. Find out if co-employment is right for your company.

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Hi, I'm Sonya.

...and yes, i'm the payroll gal


I started The Payroll Gal because I love talking with business owners about payroll, human resources, and benefits.


I guess you could say it’s been an obsession… I’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years.

I have one simple mission, to take my insider know-how and use it as leverage to help you make smart educated choices for your company.

I understand the pain that you go through to find and pick the right provider…

Endless options, too many reps, and never quite sure whether you made the right decision.

As the Payroll Gal, I’m able to help you find a solution based on what you really need, not what the company is selling.

And the best part… You’ll get honest, expert advice, without the sales pitch…




Darci M. Nixon

Darci M. Nixon

CPA / Gross Duke Nelson & Co, PC

I refer my CPA clients to Sonya because I know that they will receive the personal service that they desire from an expert in the industry. Sonya is incredibly knowledgeable about payroll, benefits, and HR administration and knows how to pull together a competitively priced and effective suite of services for clients who need anything from basic payroll services to a more complex payroll and benefits package. Sonya is knowledgeable, dependable, prompt, professional, and genuinely a joy to work with. I just can’t say enough great things about her!

Paul Haarer

Paul Haarer

CEO / Pinnacle

When looking for a new payroll company we turned to Sonya. She provided several options and took the time to match our needs with the correct provider. Over the years I have switched payroll companies a number of times and I must admit the transition to the recommended provider was very smooth. As an executive, I appreciated her integrity, timeliness in responding to questions and her in-depth industry knowledge.

Michelle A. Schlueter

Michelle A. Schlueter

Director of Finance / Childers, Schlueter & Smith, LLC

Sonya is professional and easy to work with. She stepped in and really helped our company with all of our payroll needs. She also made sure we were in compliance with Federal rules and regulations. I highly recommend her to any company looking to secure a great payroll service.

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